If you have registered at Sipcast.Net, you will receive an email with your Sipcast number.

This number and the password of your registration are required for the SIP account of your audio codec.

In your audio codec or app, please enter as “sipcast.net” Sipcast.Net. The DNS entry “sipcast.net” is converted automatically to an IP address. Thus, please do not enter an IP address where because the IP address might change from time to time.

In addition, ensure that your audio codec has an valid DNS server. For example, you may used DHCP or enter the IP address as DNS service.

For the SIP protocol, you should use 5060. If possible, use TCP for SIP.

Many Internet providers modify the SIP protocol, if you use UDP and port 5060. Thus, problems occur, use OpenVPN or 5062 as alternative SIP/UDP port 5062.