High-Quality Audio Calls for Radio Reporters and Broadcasters

Sipcast.Net gives you access to an Internet server that allows you to call your colleagues in their radio stations in a reliable manner and with excellent audio quality.

Most radio broadcasters and reporters use audio codecs and ISDN connections to pass, share and spread their reports. It will not be possible to provide high-quality transfers via ISDN in the future, as ISDN will be switched off globally.

As specialists for high-quality phone calls, we offer you a reliable SIP communication platform via the Internet.

  • Audio calls via Internet

    Any Internet connection from 256 kbit/s is sufficient. ISDN is not required. Firewalls are no longer a problem. Whether you are in the studio, in the stadium or on the way, we will get past every firewall.

  • Simply use your existing audio codec or app

    We make sure that every device or software compatible with EBU Tech 3326 can still be used, no matter whether it is an audio codec on AEQ, AETA, AVT, Mayah, Nagra, Orban, Prodys or Tieline. Your Luci Live app works as well, and, thanks to VPN, it gets past every firewall.

  • Via WebRTC and web browser

    If you do not have an audio codec or an app of your own on hand, you can transfer your audio posts via web browser.

All you need is Sipcast access, an EBU Tech 3326 audio codec or a WebRTC-enabled web browser and Internet access with a speed of 256kbit/s or more (check here).