Changing the /boot/config.txt to Add a Soundcard Driver

If you have an own soundcard for your Raspberry Pi or do want to have the kernel configuration of your FMB, please follow these steps

  1. Remove the microSD card from the FMB.
  2. Insert it into your PC
  3. A drive called “boot” should appear now. Open it with your file viewer.
  4. You should see now a file called “config.txt”. Do not change it. Instead, make the modification in the file “config.local.txt”. For example, you may add lines such as
    # dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi
    # dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplusadc
    # dtoverlay=fe-pi-audio
  5. Eject the microSD and insert it into the FMB. Now, reboot, wait for 3 minutes, and reboot again. Then, the settings are active.