Symonics Meeting

Spatial Audio Web Conferencing

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Simultaneous speakers remain clearly understandable

In a 3D spatial audio conference, the voices of participants speaking simultaneously remain clear without cancelling each other out.

In addition, the sound quality is excellent due to the audio codec IETF Opus, which has been standardized with the help of Symonics GmbH.

Easy and secure access

Enter your meeting room quickly and safely by simply clicking the link in an email. Up to 18 participants are supported.

Beside being easy to use, Symonics Meeting is also secure. All transmissions between you and the Symonics Meeting servers are encrypted.

Screen sharing, file transfer, video transmission and chatting

Symonics Meeting offers video transmission and a separate chat window; it also allows exchanging documents (screen sharing and file transfer).

Browser-based and telephone dial-in

Symonics Meeting can be used best with web browsers. Currently, we support Opera, Google Chrome Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. If a browser is not at hand, just use your telephone – you wouldn’t even need a dial-in pin.

Passing Firewalls

We use the latest WebRTC technologies to overcome virtually every firewall and NAT router. In the worst case, the media data is transmitted via TLS on port 443.

Integrates into your work chain

We understand that Symonics Meeting must integrate well in your existing work process. For example, to schedule a web conference, just add Symonics meeting to the invitation mailing. Then, all is set up automatically.

We would be happy to help you with other integration needs. Just contact us.

Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Symonics Meeting has been developed within the EXIST Research Transfer Programme, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


We are proud that in 2014 the German Gesellschaft für Informatik has awarded the Symonics GmbH and product Symonics Meeting for its leading technology and innovation.


Symonics Meeting is covered and protected by IPRs including the patent WO2013171247A1.

Enjoy Spatial Audio

Just take your favorite pair of headphones and listen to our classic 3D audio demo:

Why you should use headphones?

We have optimized this audio demo for headphones because we simulated the acoustic wave propagation and effect for your pinna and torso. If you use loudspeakers, this demo does work aas well because the so called head related transfer function is applied twice: first, by us, and the second time by your ears.

In causes of playout with loudspeakers, we use other algorithms.

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