Configuring your audio codec or your app is easy.  First, buy and install your Luci Live Lite app.

After you have subscribed to our Sipcast service, you will receive your login details, which consist of a telephone number and a password. If you would like to try out Sipcast.Net in advance, you can use these login details for free.

Start Luci Live and open its menu.

First, set the default user by selecting “SIP defaults” and enter first your Sipcast number, then your password, then the SIP server “”, then your name and finally 5004 as RTP port.

Second, menu item “Stations > + > Custom station > New Station” leads you to where you can adjust your Sipcast access settings. At the destination, enter and replace ABCD with the Sipcast number that you want to dial. DO NOT ENTER ANY STUN SERVER. As username select the default user.

Try our echo server 4444 first. Or you can call us at 9999.