Sipcast.Net works with any audio codec that is compliant to the EBU Tech 3326 standard.

We have tested most of them. Especially

  • Luci Live (version 3 or greater)
  • Luci Live Lite (version 2.5.15 or greater)
  • Luci Studio (version 4.5.2 or greater)
  • Mayah (Centauri III or IV; the Centauri II models do not work)
  • AVT Audiocodecs (version AVT MAGIC V1.310 or greater)
  • AVT Telefonhybride
  • Tieline (version TLB5100)
  • AETA
  • Orban
  • Worldcast Equinox 
  • Digigram
  • Prodys
  • Nagra (version NagraVII v1.70 or greater)
  • Linphone