Thanks to the  WebRTC-Standards you only need a modern web browser to make high quality phone calls. But not all browsers work equally well.

We made the experience that browsers using the Blink Technology offer best audio quality. Among them are Google Chrome or Opera. They’ll guarantee you all features as long as you’re using the latest version. Firefox works fine as well though you might have some reduction concerning sound quality.

Both Safari and Internet Explorer only support WebRTC when using a plug-in. If you use these browsers you will be asked to install a plug-in from a company called Temasys when opening a Sipcast.Net Website. You can agree to this in general. If you use the Microsoft Edge Browser, you can switch to Internet Explorer easily and install the Temasys plug-in.

WebRTC, and thus Sipcast, also works fine on Android devices as long as you use Google Chrome as a browser. You might need to install it on older devices though.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use WebRTC on Apple smartphones and tablets so far. But we assume that Apple will activate WebRTC on its mobile devices soon.