If you find yourself behind a firewall, we recommend that you first start a VPN connection so that Luci Live can always work reliably, since not every firewall has the ports enabled that an EBU Tech 3326 app requires.

Please first install an OpenVPN community app, available for PC, iPhone and Android. You can download a free app from the website openvpn.net. Please be aware that on openvpn.net you will find two versions. Please take the open-source /community release.

Next, you will require your OpenVPN access data, which you can download from our website. Log in using your Sipcast number at password at sipcast.symonics.com.

In the menu below the link “OpenVPN Data” appears, through which you can download the access data.

The login data is installed automatically on Apple and Android devices. It is a bit more complicated with Windows, though, as you have to save the file in the folder C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

Now start the OpenVPN connection directly to the Sipcast.Net media server.

By the way, the data transfer is then carried out encrypted and lossless by SSL. This will get you through most firewalls. If you can’t get through, please call us at once; we would like to know about any firewalls that prevent this function.