Sipcast.Net per web browser

Thanks to the WebRTC standard, you only need a modern web browser to be able to make phone calls with good audio quality. Transmission takes place hereby with Opus at a minimum of 64 kbit/s mono, thus achieving very good quality. If you have a good Internet connection, you can even switch to a higher bitrate if required.

To make a phone call via Sipcast, simply go to, log in using your Sipcast number and password, and call the name or number of the party you want to reach. Before you can complete the call, however, the browser will ask if it can use your microphone, which you must allow so that you can use Sipcast.Net

WebRTC is supported by modern browsers, such as Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer and Safari require that you download the Temasys plugin, which provides WebRTC support. If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, please use the menu option to switch over to Internet Explorer mode.

WebRTC also works on Android devices, as long as you are using Chrome or Firefox.  If you want to use our Sipcast.Net WebRTC service on your Apple iPhone or iPad, just let us know via email.